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Do’s & Don’ts


  • Show up 15 minutes before class start time.

  • When entering the dojo bow and say “OSU”.

    • First bow is to show respect to the Dojo.

    • Second bow is to show respect to the Instructor.

  • Hang your jacket and put your shoes on the shoe rack below. Please do not leave your shoes on the floor if there is no more room leave the neatly close to the rack.

  • Turn Off Your Cell Phone Ringer.

  • If you require to change, please make your way to the dressing room located in the back of the dojo.

    • Wear clean dogi if you have one, if not bring and change into your favorite breathable shorts and T-Shirt
    • Due to safety reasons please make sure that your finger and toe nails are clipped.
    • If you are wearing any jewelry please take it off as it may also be a safety issue.
  • If required, use the bathroom before the class.

  • Once ready wait in the area in the back of the dojo with all other students until asked by the instructor to line up to start the class.

  • Line up (right to left) in groups representative of your grade (belt). If you are just starting out and do not have / wear uniform, you will be lining up in the last row.

  • During the class observe others follow all instructions of the teacher (Senpai / Sensei). It can be daunting at first but we can assure you that in a very short time you will understand all the terminology.

  • If you have a question, simply raise your hand.

  • Do not walk on to the tatami (mat) with your shoes or socks.


  • Do not interrupt the instructor.

  • Do not wander around the dojo during class.

  • Do not leave the tatami (mat / training area) without asking your instructor first.

  • Do not talk unless asked to do so by the instructor.

  • Do not play with the equipment (bags / pads / weights) unless instructed to do so by the instructor.