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Class Reservation Process

Before you begin reserving your classes, it is important to understand that our booking system is based on first come first serve basisSo, while you will be able to book all your allotted sessions, those may or may not occur on the same days unless you pre-reserve them in well advance (week or two ahead or longer if you wish).

Below few important steps to follow to make your booking a breeze.

Step 1. If you haven't done so already, please download your Zen Planner Member App from the App Store relevant to your device.



Step 2. On your device, log into the Zen Planner Member App with your credentials and start reserving your classes. A link to our brief how to guide below:


Step 3. Once reserved, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. Plus, you will be able to view your registration instantly under the Reservations Tab in your Zen Planner App.

Step 4. A day before your class, you will receive a reminder about your reservation. If you are still planning to attend your class, do nothing; however, if for whatever reason you can not attend, please cancel your reservation. In the event when you forget to cancel your session it will still be counted as attended towards your allotted weekly attendance.

Step 5. In the instances where the class is full, simply put your name on the Waiting List as spots free up frequently. Once you are upgraded to Reserved Status you will receive a conformation email. You can also view the status under Reservations Tab.

Thank you in advance for your help with keeping our classes organized and see you at the Dojo!