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Class Terminology

Hajime Start
Hantai Opposite Side
Ibuki Forced Tension Breathing
Ido Geiko Moving Basics
Kaiten Revolving
Kamate Take Your Position
Kiai Primal Yell
Kihon Basics
Kime Focus
Kumite Sparring
Yakosokku Kumitte Prearranged Sparring
Ippon Kumite One Step Sparring
Sanbon Kumitte Three Step Sparring
Jiyu Kumite Free Sparing
Jessen Kumite Full Contact Fighting
Mawatte Turn Around
Ma-ai Interval ; Gap Between Opponents
Mokuso Close Eyes For Meditation
Mugurei To Your Own Count
Naore Return To Start ; Relax
Nogare Ichi & Ni Deep Breathing Exercises
OSU Yes ; I understand to persevere and respect toward others
Otagai Each Other
Rei Bow
Sagari Return The Way You Came
Seiza Kneeling Position
Ura In Reverse
Yame Stop
Yasume Rest at Ease
Yoi Ready