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How to Access Program "Curriculum" (KYU Grading Syllabus)

We are currently in the process of migrating our entire grading syllabus into ZenPlanner app to mitigate delays associated with getting the printed copies from IKOKC, which as I am told are currently is being revised and getting ready for print. So far we have developed 10 KYU  and are still finalizing general format to expedite development of higher KYUs. Below instructions on how to access your grading syllabus:

a. Once in the App click on your name initials

 b. If there are more then one member select initials of the member account you want to view and click "Curriculum Tab"

c. Once in the full menu, select KYU level your want to view the requirements for.
d. Below example of 10th KYU Grading Requirements. From the list pick the item you are interested in getting more information on ex. Taikyoku Kata Sono Ichi.
e. Click on the resource and start practicing.

Given that we are still developing the syllabus please feel free to take pictures of the hard copy syllabus at the dojo and ask all instructors or higher belts for their help with specific items. We make sure to cover all grading requirements during our regular classes before each grading so all you have to do is to participate stay focused. Practicing on your own is highly encouraged as well.