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Karate Classes Schedule - Regular Season

EKKC - Lakewood Dojo

260 Lakewood Road East, Edmonton, AB T6K 4C2
*Entrance to the Dojo on the  Left Hand Side of the Building* 

1 Kids and Youth Classes are open to parents and relatives to join. Both classes are divided into two distinct groups “A” (Monday/Wednesday) and “B” (Tuesday/Thursday) as a core program offering. Mix and match option up to two weekday classes per week is also available and is contingent on the number of regular core program attendees that day. Depending on class customization extra charges may apply. For more details please contact the head instructor.

2 For students under 13 years of age the Fighting Class attendance is allowed the discretion of the head instructor.

3 Intermediate Skill Level generally applies to students with “Blue Belt” and higher and/or students with two years of active training.